GEMTA Aircraft Warning Light System is designed and manufactured to warn aircraft against the high points above the ground which can be hazardous for flight safety. GUIS-02a Aircraft Warning Light System consists of one unit single lamp armature and one unit control box. System operates under the control of photocell relay which automatically turns the system on when outside gets dark and turns the system off when outside begins to lighten. By the manual option of photecell relay situated in the control box, system continuously operates day and night. Before the first installation of the system to the tower, functional test has to be performed in the above way. Depending on the light intensity  ICAO Type A and ICAO Type B systems are available.

Ek bilgi

→ Input Voltage

20 % – 24V DC / 48V DC & 220V AC / 230V AC

→ Lamp Type


→ Operating Mode

Back-up,Non Back-up,Blink,Continuous

→ Protection Class

IP-55 / IP-65