VIZION, GEMTA- Sector leader in Turkey and one of the leaders in the world

MISION, To become stable establishment in Turkey and abroad, to set the way in energy – technology sector and to spread our knowledge and increasing performance for the benefit of the whole world.

GEMTA General Electronics Industry and Trade Inc. manufacturing Protection and Control Relays, Digital Measuring Instruments and Battery Chargers, to meet the requirements of the Turkish Electric Industry, was founded in 1984.

Since years GEMTA, has widened its production range, improved its quality by following the latest advanced technology developments in Turkey and worldwide and has become a trustworthy company in the energy and telecom sector.

GEMTA, has produced in accordance with the SGS-ISO 9001:2008 worldwide standards and performed Research and Development (R&D) activities. Moreover, GEMTA’s quality has been approved and certified by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

GEMTA‘s products also comply with the CE requirements. The production of Aircraft Warning Light Systems started in 2002 to meet the requirements of the civil aviation industry.

At the same time GEMTA also successfully started electrical installation of shelters used in the Telecom sector.

GEMTA Aircraft Warning Light Systems have ICAO certificate, possessed by a few companies in the world. The production of analog measuring instruments and transducers started in 2005 to meet the requirements of the energy market. These products are sold both in the domestic and international market.

Conducting its activities in the 1.500 m2 large indoor areas and employing 50 highly qualified people, the capacity of GEMTA today is 750.000 units per year. Approximately 1.5 million GEMTA products are working without any problem in Turkey and in many countries around the world.