GEMTA GUIS-PL-32 Aircraft Warning Light System designed and manufactured to use for overhead power lines. (ICAO Type B) The device is easy to install on the power line due to its compact design. System does not need any external power. It is extracts energy from the magnetic field surrounding the power line wire. System operates under the control of photocell relay which automatically turns the system on when ambience gets dark and turns it off when the ambience gets light.

Additional information

→ Typical use

Night Time

→ Lamp Type


→ Operating Mode


→ Light Color


→ Light Intensity

>32,5 cd

→ Horizontal Coverage


→ HV Cable Diameter

Between 10mm…38mm

→ HV Line Voltage

Max. 440kV ( 50-60Hz )

→ HV Line Current

10A…500A, 25A…1000A, 50A…2000A

→ Protection Class